Quench Balm

When formulating our Quench Balm there were a few key requirements that we wanted it to achieve.

  • It had to be 100% natural.
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Non-greasy
  • Act as a skin barrier to prevent moisture loss
  • Full of powerful vitamin & antioxidant rich botanicals & oils 
  • Leave your skin hydrated & radiant

So here it is. Quench Balma little tin packed with the goodness of nature, designed to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin like never before.

Quench Balm is a testment to the power of natural ingredients, carefully selected to provide your skin with the nourishment it craves. Imagine a blend of luxurious oils and soothing botanicals, all coming together in perfect harmony. This balm is not just a skincare product, it's a daily ritual, a moment of self-care that your skin deserves.

One of the key ingredients in our hydrating skin balm is Organic Tamanu Oil.  Known for its deep moisturising properties Tamanu oil penetrates the skin, leaving it soft and supple without any greasy residue. With strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties it was our number one pick for hands that spent the day in the garden. Organic Shea butter, another star ingredient adds a touch of richness, promoting elasticity and combating dryness. Together, they create a dynamic duo that works wonders for your skin. 

But we didn't stop there. We've also infused our Quench Balm with the healing power of Calendula (organic). This botanical wonder is reputed to calm irritated skin, reduce redness and provide a gentle touch to those with sensitive skin. We added organic Apricot and Hempseed oils, also gentle enough for sensitive skin, which are full of antioxidants, vitamins and skin loving benefits. No harsh chemicals or questionable additiives - just pure, natural ingredients your skin will love.

Whether you're dealing with hard working gardener's hands, dry skin patches, rough elbows, or just want to pamper your skin, our hydrating balm is the perfect solution. Your skin will drink up the moisture, leaving you with soft, silky skin and a radiant glow that reflects the health of your skin.

And of course as with all Luminus products the packaging is eco-friendly, ensuring that every aspect of our product aligns with our values.

Make Quench Balm a part of your daily routine. Your skin will thank you for the nourishment and you'll love the radiant, healthy glow that follows.

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