About Us

Luminus take carefully selected premium ingredients to create luxurious  shampoo bars, soap and body products. All our beautiful ranges are made by hand in small batch.

We feel pretty privileged to call this amazing part of the world our home.  This is where we gain our inspiration from...the rawness of the Tasmanian landscape that surrounds us and the power and beauty of the sea. Our products are made to showcase that connection. When we pay attention to the beauty of nature around us we feel more connected with ourselves, our community and our planet.

The pureness of nature is something that we all need to truly experience luxury living. Clean, simple and kind is our mission. Clean and pure ingredients, thoughtful products and cruelty free. That's why we only work with pure natural ingredients in place of harsh chemicals.

 Handcrafted, Certified Organic and Fair Trade Butters form the basis of our soap products. Beautiful Shea, gorgeous decadent Cocoa and creamy Mango.  We are proud of the fact that in purchasing these incredible butters from our Fair Trade and Ethical supplier we can contribute to the great work they do in supporting women and communities in Ghana.

It's pretty important to us that we maintain a continuous learning culture. We are always looking at ways of improving our products, services and our customer relationships. You'll find from time to time that there will be changes in our packaging or in our ingredients or supply chain. That's us finding more efficient ways to lower our carbon impact or improve our commitment to reduce waste. If you purchase a product one day and the next time it's wrapped differently that's because we found a more sustainable way of doing things.  This is a big part of who we are. 

 We aim to do better and be better in everything we do.