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                                                                                                                                                          The Luminus story began in 2020 when at the age of 57 I found myself navigating through one of life’s challenges. The work place chaos caused by the pandemic found me re evaluating my work choices and searching for something else, something that I could be passionate about. Now all I had to do was find what that was. "Easy you say" ....  I had no idea!.
I started by throwing myself into study, firstly gaining qualifications as a Project Officer before enrolling at University and TAFE, studying both Business Management and Sustainability.  Great courses, definately, however my days were spent sitting in my office studying for hours and still feeling unsatisfied. I hardly saw daylight !!. Changing my work practice particularly later in life was quite stressful and a bigger challenge than I thought it would be. I wasn't enjoying myself at all. 
And so there it was.  My "Aha" moment, my turning point!
It had taken me about 7 months of "finding myself" efforts. During this time I had a good look at what was really important to me and then mapped out my goals.Yes I needed an income, but I wanted to enjoy what I was doing. So I went on an adventure to find out what that was.  I was going to find that "something' and from there make a job from doing it.
I started soap making while I was on that journey. It was supposed to be my little de-stresser while I gathered myself. Who would have thought!  Wow!! This was fun plus a challenge. Just what I needed. There were a few failures on the way of course , however I loved doing the research, I loved the creativity and from there set out to learn everything I could about making soap at home. I stopped studying to work for someone else and started learning for me. The results were creamy, skin nourishing soaps that friends and family loved.
My hours/days were spent learning about oil and botanicals. I became fascinated with the many skin benefits to be gained from beautiful plant oils and butters. I found a connection from the amazing landscape around me and used that as inspiration to make the products that would meet my high expectations.  I began to enjoy life again when I started soap making.  I found my passion.  Now my days are spent in my little studio, making beautiful soap and body products. I look out my window as I work and see ocean and sky.  😊
In 2021, at the age of 58 I founded Luminus Body and Bath.
So thank you for joining me on my journey. I hope to empower people of all ages to believe in themselves and to keep striving. 
Cindy x
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