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Sweet Dreams - Soap Bar

Sweet Dreams - Soap Bar

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Organic Shea, Cocoa & Mango Butters with organic Coconut Milk

A dreamy lavender & rosemary scented soap.

Weight:  e110g

A beautiful, gentle and creamy soap that features luxurious organic raw Shea, Cocoa & Mango Butter, organic coconut milk and fragrant essential oils.

About: Our handmade soap is made in the traditional slow process way. They contain premium oils and botanicals and feature beautiful organic butters. We scent our soaps with pure essential oils and natural fragrances. They are all palm free, phthalate free and cruelty free.

As this is a handmade product, no two bars will look exactly the same. Variations in size, weight and colour will occur as each is unique. That is the beauty of being handmade.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil. Coconut oil *Shea Butter- (raw)* Coconut milk* Sodium hydroxide, Aqua, Rice Bran* Cocoa Butter*Mango Butter* Castor oil* Coconut milk powder* Raw sugar* Kaolin white clay. Titanium Dioxide. Skin safe mica. Essential Oil Blend: Lavender, Rosemary, Cedarwood Atlas. Vitamin E (natural)  

* denotes organic

Product Care:
Please kept your soap dry and well drained between use. Don't leave sitting in water. This will ensure less wastage and more days to enjoy it. 

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About Luminus Body and Bath

Situated on the South East Coast of Tasmania, Luminus takes carefully selected wholesome ingredients to create our premium soap and body products. We are inspired by the rawness of Tasmanian landscapes and the power of the sea.

Small Batch Production

Our soaps are made in small batches using traditional cold process soap-making methods. We pour love, purpose, and creativity into every single handcrafted product